when she talks so loud

when she says no

when she doesnt know where the city is

when its not the same for her

when she doesnt take her shoes off in the back of your van

when shes living in your house

when she larks about and the dog barks

when shes 17

when she quits it

when she never shoots

when she doesnt figure your heart out

  • Mako: The stars look beautiful tonight.
  • Asami: Stars. The stars were out when I discovered my father was an Equalist.
  • Mako: Yeah.
  • Asami: Because it was night time...when I found out he was an Equalist.
  • Mako: I remember.
  • ---
  • Mako: Hey, I got us some dumplings!
  • Asami: Dumplings. My father used to buy dumplings.
  • Mako: Hoo boy.
  • Asami: He used to make sure we'd both get an EQUAL amount. I guess, now we know why.
  • Mako: I guess so.
  • ---
  • Mako: ...
  • Asami: ...
  • Mako: ...
  • Asami: ...
  • Mako: Well, I'm gonna go to bed...
  • Asami: My father used to sleep in a bed.
  • Mako: DID HE?